All you need to know about our sausages

1. Are you the same family from Ewell, Surrey?

Yes, we are the original Porky White family from Ewell, Surrey – we are still a family run business.

2. Can you buy Porky Whites online?

Yes. Please see our ‘Stockists’ page for further information on whether your local store provides home delivery. Alternatively, you can buy from our online store.

3. Are any of your sausages gluten free?

We’re delighted to say that our Porky Lights, Porky Dogs, Meatballs and Chuck Steak Burgers are all GLUTEN FREE. However, the rest of our Porkies range do contain breadcrumb which is a form of wheat.

4. What allergens do our sausages contain?

Our sausages contain wheatflour which is a source of gluten and sulphites, used as preservative. Rest assured we are a nut free site.

5. What type of pork do you use in your sausages?

We use British shoulder and belly of pork sourced from approved BQAP (British Quality Assured Pork) sites.

6. Do we need to prick your sausages before cooking?

Absolutely not, there is no need to prick them at all – this goes back to during World War II when quality food was less available. Sausages were made with cheap ingredients and high levels of water, which meant that they had a tendency to explode during cooking as the water turned to steam – hence why they got called ‘bangers'!

7. What accreditations do you have?

We have grade A – BRC (British Retail Consortium) accreditation, we are part of the Red Tractor assurance scheme, we have an EU license and a 5-star rating with the Food Standards Agency.

8. Cooking tips

For best results click through to our ‘Cooking Tips’ page or see the back of our packs for full cooking instructions.