Get Dad Dancing

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Get Dad Dancing

Show The Old Fella He's Still Top of the Pops

With Father’s Day almost upon us (Sunday, June 18th) we’ve created the perfect gift for dad’s everywhere.

This year it’s time to ditch the dad dross like naff mugs and socks and get him the combo that no dad on earth can resist – bangers and bangin’ tunes!

Here’s how it works. First up, serve him the Big Daddy of sausage sandwiches for breakfast.

You know the drill.

Crusty white bread, oodles of butter, thick, meaty, succulent Porky Whites Surrey Pork Sausages, all lovingly smothered in tomato or brown sauce.

Mug of piping hot tea on the side and he’s good to go. Dad dancing.

So next, it’s time for the soundtrack to your dad’s special day.

We’ve already done the leg work, and created the ultimate Strictly Dad Dancing playlist, featuring 20 lovingly hand-picked tunes that are scientifically proven to be irresistible to dad’s everywhere.

Simply click the play button, log in to Spotify and turn up the volume to 11.

All he needs now is a tennis racket for a guitar and a tie round his head and he’s ready to prove he’s still got the moves like Jagger. Not to mention, moobs like Jabba.

Then brace yourself for flailing limbs and that weird chicken strut thing that dads do as he busts a few moves – and several shirt buttons.

But be warned! The following playlist may cause scenes of an unsightly and embarrassing nature including twerking, jiving, twisting, fist pumping – and thumb cramp.

But hey, it’s only once a year. So on your feet, dad. Show ‘em how it’s done…

Our Dad, Graham White, showing off some of his moves!