Get fired up for National BBQ Week

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Get fired up for National BBQ Week

If you can't stand the heat, get back in the kitchen!

It’s time to delve into the depths of the garden shed and dig out the barbie. Yes, National Barbecue Week (28th
May - 3rd June) is upon us once more.

Like crashing out of the World Cup on penalties and scoring ‘nul pwa’ at Eurovision, barbecuing is fast becoming something of a British tradition. Over 5 million barbecues were held during last year’s National BBQ week with the Great British barbie being fired up a whopping 135 million times last year. That’s over 40,000 tonnes of charcoal and enough sausages to form a porky ladder to the moon and back. Probably.

Now, whilst we’d all like to think of ourselves as the King or Queen of the Barbs, here’s a gentle reminder that if you’re taking on the esteemed role of Barbecue royalty, then it demands patience and respect.

And, if you are firing up this bank holiday weekend, then it goes without saying that you need to select only premium, quality products. From our dreamy Surreys to our chunky Chuck Steak Burgers, you’ll find something to suit all tastes at our online shop here or in selected supermarkets up and down the country.

Be safe. Have fun. And most of all, enjoy!