Porky Lights, The Lower Fat Range And What It Means To You

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Porky Lights, The Lower Fat Range And What It Means To You

The family-run makers of Porky Lights and Porky Whites have responded to public demand for their healthier product line with a significant range extension. The lower fat sausage, that has created an unprecedented following amongst slimmers and sausage lovers, is now joined by a lower fat chuck steak burger, a skinless flat sausage perfect for stacking and sausagemeat in a tray for those that like to create their own dishes such as Scotch Eggs and the now legendary ‘Meatzza’.

Each of these products are a new lower fat take on existing Porky Whites favourites and boast all of the delicious taste and texture that Porky Whites are famed for. After all, the claim ‘Once Bitten, Forever Smitten!’ is something all of our products need to live up to and that includes the Porky Lights range. All of these products, for consistency, will be categorised as lower in fat which means that the Porky Lights range is actually up to 60% less fat than their regular Porky Whites counterparts and are gluten free across the board. The decision to reclassify the existing Porky Lights sausage from low to lower fat has been made to ensure there is no consumer confusion about what the broader Porky Lights range represents in terms of fat content. All of the Porky Lights are consistently lower in fat.

The sausage’s launch in 2015 was firmly aimed at regular consumers of sausages who were looking to enjoy a lower fat alternative and gluten free variant of the much loved Porky White. As the word spread amongst slimming clubs that this delicious pork sausage delivered on taste and texture, often missing from other low/lower fat alternatives, the product developed a new following. Their enthusiasm for the product was in part overshadowed by the press scrutiny that followed a suggestion that we had been less than honest about the real fat content of a Porky Lights sausage. The publication of over 15 months of product testing by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory put beyond doubt that the fat content was as claimed. It was was also backed up by the many thousands of customers who expressed their approval for the product and the part it had played in their own personal weight loss.

In light of the public concern, we decided to give the last word to Trading Standards and we invited the public body to work with us to help clear up any doubt on the product’s true fat content. After months of working together, their advice was that the product was within the test tolerances expected of a natural product. They also suggested, in light of the small percentage test differences that were appearing from different laboratories, we should cover ourselves by making some small changes to the sausage.

These changes would have ideally removed a minimal amount of fat from the product – an almost indiscernible change but significant when your product is a high meat content sausage made of course cuts of lean pork and loved and enjoyed for its celebrated texture and taste. Compromising the Porky Lights sausage in order to meet this criteria was an option we chose not to take simply because we know what our customers like.

The Porky Lights lower fat sausage is still very much a reduced fat offering coming in at less than 5g of fat per sausage. Its recipe is identical to its low fat predecessor but with the restraints of a low fat sausage lifted, we are able to allow a little bit more fat into the mix that hugely elevates the eating experience without the compromises associated with a low fat sausage.

We are unable to fully understand how Slimming World calculate their ‘Syn’ values but we estimate it to be about 2.5 Syns per sausage meaning that dieters are still able to enjoy their favourite slimming sausage without too much impact on their daily allowance.

The new Porky Lights range is available from our online shop shop.porkywhites.co.uk and leading supermarkets from Thursday 27 July 2017. It includes:

Porky Lights Premium British Pork Sausages

Porky Lights Premium British Beef Chuck Steak Burgers

Porky Lights Premium British Pork Flat Sausages

Porky Lights Premium British Pork Sausagemeat

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