Porky’s Postage Price-drop

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Porky’s Postage Price-drop

All your favourites delivered direct to your door, for less

Sausage-lovers of the UK unite – you can now buy your favourite sausages (and burgers) via our online shop for less as we’ve slashed our next day* delivery costs.

Buy a multipack of 5 (minimum order) and the postage is just a third of the old price — now a very swallowable £2.75. And for those who like to stock up, double your order to 2 multipacks (10 products) and the delivery is completely FREE. Double up again to 4 multipacks (20 packs) and not only is the delivery FREE, but we’ll also throw in a FREE pack of our best-selling Premium British Surrey Pork Sausages!

Our award-winning online shop has now been open for business for a year and the customer demand for our delicious range of meaty products means that we’ve been able to secure a much better deal with our delivery company – a saving that we’ve decided to pass straight on to our customers.

At G White & Co we’re passionate about delivering our products to you as fresh as they were when we made them. This price drop doesn't mean you’ll find us scrimping on service – all your products are still hand-packed to order and wrapped in insulating cool bags to keep them chilled for a whopping 24 hours.

So, whether you decide to stock up yourself (all our products are suitable for home freezing), or get together and create a bulk order with your friends and family, it’s happy days all round.

*Deliveries are made Wednesday - Friday.