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Porky Whites are served up at some of the finest institutions in the land. We've been served at royal weddings (couldn't say who!), enjoyed at twice the speed of sound on Concorde and in some of Britain's favourite hostelries.

We know a thing or two about making great sausages and we'll apply all that know how to making great products for you too. Whether you're a restaurant chain looking to raise your banger bar, a supermarket looking for an 'own-brand' partner or just want a chat about an idea, we're all ears.

Your thoughts. Our expertise.

We made our name in producing delicious pork sausages but we’re butchers first and know our way around everything meaty. We work with pork, beef, lamb, venison and chicken. And in the spirit of innovation and progression we've even developed a vegan range of sausages that sit alongside our famous lower fat offerings – perfect for healthy living and changing buying habits.

Low fat

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Porky Whites are the 'taste that takes you home' for millions of families. Little wonder they're in such great demand overseas. We export to the four corners of the world for everyone from ex-pats to locals to love and enjoy. If you'd like to share a little taste of England in your 'hood, please get in touch.

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